You Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Selecting and purchasing a memorial or headstone is often a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, and is often performed on behalf of a recently passed family member. Without previous memorial purchasing experience we understand how you could have a plethora of questions. And that's where we come in; at Empire Memorials we can provide the answers. Below you will find answers to some of the most common questions regarding memorial creation, installation, and cemetery grave marker guidelines.

Today, cemetery memorials and markers are most often made of granite, marble, or bronze. However, at Empire Memorials we recommend granite for a number of reasons. Natural granite provides a wide range of color options, including reds, blues, and blacks. Granite, when compared to other headstone materials, is much harder and more dense allowing for greater durability when required to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

When it comes to working with granite you have a rainbow of colors to select from; with both domestic and international colors available. At Empire Memorials we handle over 28 domestic and 34 international granites, with color hues ranging from blues, blacks, reds, and grays. At times, the decision of color can be dictated by your choice of lettering or amount of artwork. Monuments desired to display portraits or large detailed landscape etchings require high contrast in order to have the best outcome. With that being the case, in those situations it is recommended to use a very dark granite. Most often the decision of color is a personal one, with no particular color being better than the rest.

Unless cemetery restrictions dictate otherwise, the only legacy limitation is your imagination. At Empire Memorials we can create traditional grave markers containing only simple lettering; and can also create exceptionally unique monuments containing laser etched artwork originally sampled from personal photographs.

Working with you, we can express your loved one's story in granite through a combination of graphic design elements, lettering, personal photographs, and unique imagery. Our creative staff will effectively weave your selections together to produce a beautiful representation to honor your loved one's life.

At Empire Memorials we utilize a laser etching technique executed by a computerized machine. Through the use of laser etching we are able to accomplish more detail when it comes to replicating personal portraits and photos. In reference to replicating portraits and photos, it is good to keep in mind that the better quality of the original photo, the better the finished granite etching will be. However we never discourage individuals from showing us any artwork or photograph.

Whether you choose a standard design or a detailed custom etching, a proof of your final memorial will always be provided at no charge.

A delivered memorial may take 2-4 months. Unique or custom memorials may take up to 4 months. Traditional memorials are more readily available and can be delivered in 2 months. If needed by a specific date we will work with you to try and meet your needs.

This often depends upon cemetery regulations, in most cases we will install the memorials we manufacture. Customers may install small memorials themselves. However larger monuments should be installed by us so as to avoid chips or scratches.

Placement of a memorial provides a place for loved ones to reflect on the life lived by that person, allowing a place to leave flowers and other momentos on the grave site. Future generations can visit the site for genalogical information. If burial is in a cemetery there may be regulations which require that you mark that grave with a memorial. Virtually all cemeteries have this regulation. Empire Memorials can also install memorials in non-cemetery situations.

The short answer is no. Cemeteries actually maintain their own regulations, with memorial and headstone regulations varying from cemetery to cemetery. In some cemeteries the regulations go so far as to differ from section to section or even plot to plot. Whether working with us at Empire Memorials or working with a different monument company, we always recommend checking with your specific cemetery to be sure your selections of color, size, shape and artwork will conform to any existing regulations.